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Operators by State

Name OperatorNo
4-H Operating Corporation30675
44 Canyon Llc195
54 Oil Company100979
A & B Drilling Co100342
A a Production Inc205
A B Chase100956
A J Oil Co220
Abco Energy Corp308
Abcoil Production Inc290
Abercrombie* J S100664
Abercrombie, Inc* a L300
Aberdeen Petroluem (Usa) Inc.365
Able Oil & Gas Co Inc385
Abraxas Petroleum Corporation400
Aceite Energy Corp470
Acheson* Melvin100377
Ackman* Edward J.608
Ackman-Schulein & Assoc., Ltd588
Adams County635
Adams Oil Company* Glen645
Addington & Associates* H W36859
Adkins Oil Co650
Adobe Oil & Gas Corporation720
Adobe Resources Corp705
Advanced Recovery Services Co708
Advantage Resources, Inc709
Aec Oil & Gas (Usa) Inc100131
Aeon Energy Corp710
Aexco Inc1200
Agave Oil & Gas Llc10492
Aggregate Industries-Wcr, Inc10366
Ajax Oil & Development Co100306
Aladdin Petroleum Corporation100427
Alamo Corporation888
Alamosa Drilling Inc900
Alan Howard Karchmer Living Trust46220
Alanco Energy Services Inc10493
Alaska Energy Corporation200213
Alaska Oil & Minerals Corp940
Albertson Ranch Co960
Alco Oil and Gas Corporation1053
Alcoil Exploration Inc1040
Alexander & Ambrose Oil Corp1060
Alexander Energy Corp1065
Alfa Resources1075
All State Oil Corporation1365
All States Oil & Gas Co200042
Allante Operating Company1220
Allardyce* R..L.1229
Allen & Associates Inc* Vince1230
Allen & Schramm Inc1250
Allen Oil & Gas Llc1257
Allen* Bob1240
Allen* H C1245
Allen* Robert1280
Alliance Western Inc100704
Allison Bros Drilling Co Inc1345
Allison Drilling Company Inc1350
Allison Estate* B F1300
Allison* Wayne n1355
Allison-Zion Supply Co1358
Alpar Energy Lp1370
Alpha-Omega Exploration Co1372
Alpine Land Corp of Arizona1378
Alpine Oil & Gas Corp1380
Altex Oil Corp1450
Alumni Oil Co1490
Amalgamated Petroleum Co.1498
Amarala Petroleum Inc60001
Amarillo Natural Gas Co1500
Amarillo Oil Company100711
Amax Oil & Gas Inc1595
Amax Petroleum Corp1600
Ambassador Oil Corp1640
Ambra Oil & Gas Co1650
Amerada Hess Corp1700
Amerada Petroleum Corporation1808
American Cometra Inc1810
American Exploration Co1812
American Hunter Exploration Ltd1815
American International Energy Corp1820
American Metal Climax1823
American Mutual Oil Company1919
American National Petroleum Co1825
American Petrofina Co of Texas1826
American Petroleum Energy Co1830
American Pioneer Expl Llc1900
American Public Energy Company100717
American Quasar Petroleum Co.2225
American Resources Mgmt Corp2250
American Star Energy & Mineral2255
Amerigas-Co2 Division2270
Amerind Oil Company Ltd2280
Ames Oil & Gas Corp2300
Amirmex Inc2395
Amoco Production Co.2500
Ampet Inc2550
Ampolex (Usa) Inc2650
An-De-Bet Oil2935
Anadarko E&P Onshore Llc2800
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation2795
Anchor Bay Corporation2825
Anconian Oil Company22380
Ancora Corporation100343
Anderson Oil Company2950
Anderson Petroleum Inc2952
Anderson* Bruce2920
Anderson* F R100731
Anderson* Mac T.2989
Anderson* T.C.2988
Anderson* Thornton E3060
Anderson-Prichard Oil Corp100303
Andrau Enterprises Inc3075
Andreatta Brothers100923
Andrews* Wayne3082
Andrikopoulos Resources* a G3085
Angus and Harrison100738
Anr Production Company3092
Anschutz Corp0ration* the3100
Anschutz Drilling Co. Inc.3103
Anschutz Exploration Corp3104
Antara Resources Inc3140
Antares Oil Corporation3150
Antelope Drilling Co3200
Antelope Energy Company Llc3250
Antelope Gas Products Company3210
Antero Resources Piceance Llc10079
Antler Energy Llc10407
Antuca Oil Co3270
Apache Corporation3380
Apco Oil Corporation3443
Apex Oil Ventures3450
Apex Operating Company Inc3455
Apexco, Inc.3466
Apollo Enterprises Inc3483
Apollo Operating Llc10051
Apple Drilling, Inc3510
Appleton Oil Company100723
Arapaho Petroleum Inc3800
Arapahoe Drilling Co3803
Arc Drilling & Exploration Inc200043
Arcanum Corp3885
Arch Oil & Gas Company3890
Arch Oil & Gas Llc10528
Archer* J D3895
Arco Oil & Gas Coompany3900
Arco Permian, a Div of Atlantic Richfield Company3908
Ardenes Production Inc3930
Argali Exploration Company3975
Argentia Corp3970
Argo Oil Corporation3981
Argonaut Oil & Gas Co3983
Argonex Company Llc3990
Aries Oil & Gas Inc3910
Arizona Explorations, Inc.4008
Ark Trust, Carol W Byrd Trustee75000
Arlian, Inc.4181
Armer* L H4190
Armor Petroleum Inc10085
Arnold* H C4200
Arp Production Company Llc10471
Arrowhead Energy Corp4440
Arrowhead Energy Inc4443
Arrowhead Exploration Company4444
Arrowhead Oil Company4588
Asamera Oil (Us) Inc4500
Ashback & Locke100992
Ashland Oil & Refining Co4600
Ashton Bros Co4610
Aspen Drilling Company4666
Aspen Operating Llc10182
Associated Oil & Gas Co100193
Associated Oil & Gas Investors4688
Associated Royalty Co4696
Astro Oil Company100248
Atc Realty Eight, Inc4745
Atchison, Et Al* C S4830
Atlantex Inc4770
Atlantic Oil Corp4850
Atlantic Refining Company4888
Atlantic Richfield Co5050
Atlas Resources Llc Dba Atlas Rockies Llc200149
Atom Petroleum Llc10434
Augustus Energy Partners Llc10275
Augustus Energy Resources Llc10489
Auraqwest Capital Corp5090
Aurora Power Resources Inc10440
Aus-Tex Exploration Inc10412
Ausmus & Clark Oil5115
Austra-Tex Oil Company5120
Austral Oil Co Inc5110
Autry & Joe Josephson* V E100582
Avalon Corporation5130
Avalon Oil Company10025
Axem Resources Inc5250
Axia Energy Llc10335
Ayesh* Fred J.5308
Aztec Resources Corp5475
B & B Oil Company Ltd5540