Arco Oil

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100 Wells associated with Arco Oil

Name State APINo
16 Causey D Sand Unitcolorado0500105203
W-7 Causey D Sand Unitcolorado0500105271
W-18 Causey D Sand Unitcolorado0500105272
W-6 Causey D Sand Unitcolorado0500105281
W-17 Causey D Sand Unitcolorado0500105290
5 Causey D Sand Unitcolorado0500105293
W-5 Causey D Sand Unitcolorado0500105300
W-4 Causey D Sand Unitcolorado0500105302
4 Causey D Sand Unitcolorado0500105303
W-3 Causey D Sand Unitcolorado0500105310
10 Sidney-Grace Causeycolorado0500105311
3 Causey D Sand Unitcolorado0500105312
W-1 John J Sheacolorado0500105313
1 Arco North Deer Trailcolorado0500506905
1 Hondocolorado0503906499
1-30 South Baxter Pass Unitcolorado0504506094
4-1 Arco-Federalcolorado0504506493
5-19 Dike Mountain Unit C-4423colorado0505506045
1-3-M Sheep Mtn Unitcolorado0505506058
1-19-M Racetrackcolorado0505506059
4-15h Sheep Mountain Unitcolorado0505506063
6-26-D Unitcolorado0505506076
3-26-B Sheep Mountain Unitcolorado0505506078
5-23-n Sheep Mountain Unitcolorado0505506079
1-1-F Sheep Mountain Unitcolorado0505506081
1-26-L Sheep Mountain Unitcolorado0505506082
2-26-O Sheep Mountain Unitcolorado0505506083
2-1-L Sheep Mountain Unitcolorado0505506084
3-1-E Sheep Mountaincolorado0505506085
10-2-K Sheep Mountain Unitcolorado0505506103
5-35-P Sheep Mountain Unitcolorado0505506107
12-F Sheep Mountain Unitcolorado0505506109
5-1 Southern Ute 32-9colorado0506706090
16-1 Southern Ute 32-8colorado0506706152
22-1 Southern Ute 33-10colorado0506706182
31-3 Southern Ute 33-8colorado0506706186
8-2 Southern Ute 32-9colorado0506706188
30-1 Southern Ute 33-8colorado0506706197
18-1 Southern Ute 32-8colorado0506706349
35-1 Southern Ute 33-11colorado0506706376
11-3 Southern Ute 32-8colorado0506706379
18-5 Southern Ute 32-7colorado0506706408
15-2 Southern Ute 33-10colorado0506706412
21-1 Southern Ute 33-10colorado0506706436
34-1, 33-11 Southern Utecolorado0506706457
21-2 Southern Ute 32-8colorado0506706469
20-2 Southern Ut 32-8colorado0506706471
20-1 Southern Ute 32-8colorado0506706472
29-1 Southern Ute 33-10colorado0506706476
13-2 Southern Ute 32-9colorado0506706479
8-3 Southern Ute 32-9colorado0506706480
24-1 Southern Ute32-8colorado0506706488
14-4 Southern Ute 32-8colorado0506706489
14-3 Southern Ute 32-8colorado0506706490
21-1 Southern Ute 33-11colorado0506706503
4-1 Southern Ute 32-11colorado0506706596
5-2 Southern Ute 32-11colorado0506706597
5-1 Southern Ute 32-11colorado0506706602
8-1 Southern Ute 32-11colorado0506706604
19-2 Southern Ute 32-9colorado0506706627
7-3 Southern Ute 32-7colorado0506706768
14-5 Southern Ute 32-8colorado0506706773
30-2 Southern Ute 33-9colorado0506706838
23-4 Southern Ute 32-9colorado0506706865
24-4 Southern Ute 32-9colorado0506706866
24-5 Southern Ute 32-9colorado0506706867
24-6 Southern Ute 32-9colorado0506706868
31-4 Southern Ute 33-9colorado0506707020
2-5 Southern Ute 32-8colorado0506707090
2-6 Southern Ute32-8colorado0506707091
13-3 Southern Ute 32-9colorado0506707103
11-7 Southern Ute 32-9colorado0506707286
18-8 Southern Ute32-7colorado0506707359
11-6 Southern Ute 32-8colorado0506707370
14-5 Southern Ute 32-8colorado0506707371
31-5 Southern Ute 33-8colorado0506707531
30-3 Southern Ute 33-9colorado0506707685
16-2x Southern Ute 32-10colorado0506707736
32-7 Southern Ute 33-8colorado0506707822
6-Wd Sindt*Arthurcolorado0507506666
5 W E Dickinson Jrcolorado0507508620
1 Hommegrenville-Arcocolorado0507509034
2 Hommegrenouillecolorado0507509059
1 Ouijacolorado0507509080
1-12 Sparks-Federalcolorado0508106513
1-16 Pigpencolorado0508106557
1-16x Pigpencolorado0508106564
2-17 Pigpencolorado0508106577
1-4 Pine Ridgecolorado0508106579
1-36 Sheepheadcolorado0508106587
1-29 Skeeterscolorado0508106641
1 Mary Akin Unitcolorado0508306376
4 Akin, Mary Unitcolorado0508306409
1 Thomascolorado0508707778
1 Wardcolorado0512109987
1 State of Coloradocolorado0512109988
1 Mcbethcolorado0512109989
1 Gettmancolorado0512109990
1 Walczykcolorado0512109991
13-2 Southern Ute 32-8colorado0506740050