Antelope Gas Products Company

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19 Wells associated with Antelope Gas Products Company

Name State APINo
1 Bernice D Sanderscolorado0507506100
1-a Smith Heirscolorado0507508663
1 John R P Wheelercolorado0508706365
1 Mcendaffercolorado0512305842
1 Biggscolorado0512305905
1 Moyercolorado0512305968
1-a John E. Hillmancolorado0512306010
1 Ellercolorado0512307016
1-a Jake T Moyercolorado0512307061
1 Mary Pielcolorado0512308022
2 Jake Moyer acolorado0512309537
2 Jake Moyer acolorado0512309936
1 Hillmancolorado0512360030
2 State of Colorado Ucolorado0507506796
1 State of Colorado Ucolorado0507506821
1-a State of Colorado Afcolorado0507507072
1-a State of Colorado Lcolorado0507507070
1 Smithcolorado0507507430
1 Reike-Nelsoncolorado0507506935